Upskill or reskill with our discounted learning

Explore Assurity 9 July 2020 Bruce Keightley

With many people currently having to reconsider their career path and future employment, we’re offering three Agile learning paths to boost the opportunity to reskill or upskill – all at a discounted price.

Assurity are experts in helping organisations create high-performance cultures through Agile adoption. The three key roles of Product Owner, Scrum Master and Agile Coach are at the heart of successful adoption.

Our three new learning paths address the increased demand in the market for these roles; each path is made up of two professional Agile courses available at a total $500 discount for the two courses in the path. The three learning paths are:

Agile Product Owner Quickstart

Product Owners work with stakeholders and customers to understand the greatest value areas for the team to work on. Using this knowledge, they help the team understand the priority of work and break it down into easily-delivered pieces.

Agile Product Owner Quickstart is for new POs who need to understand an Agile environment and how their role fits into it. It’s comprised of Fundamentals of Agile plus Product Ownership and Value Management.

Special price $2500 (normally $3000)

Scrum Master Quickstart

Often referred to as an ‘Agile facilitator’, a Scrum Master is responsible for orchestrating the way a team works. They are the facilitator of key events and ensure that the team is working in the agreed manner and focused on agreed priorities.

Scrum Master Quickstart is for Scrum Masters who need to understand the Scrum environment and master best-practice facilitation techniques. It’s comprised of Professional Scrum Master plus The Agile Facilitator.

Special price $2600 (normally $3100)

Agile Coaching Bootcamp

An expert-level role, the Agile Coach is responsible for coaching others in Agile practices, setting up new teams and coaching them to mastery or supporting individuals to achieve mastery in their unique roles.

Agile Coaching Bootcamp is for Agile coaches to refine their art and progress on their path to becoming an ICAgile-accredited coaching expert. It’s comprised of The Agile Facilitator plus Agile Coaching course.

Special price $3800 (normally $4300)

In addition to the above discounts, we’re also offering an additional discount to those people looking to reskill because of a recent redundancy (since 1 March 2020). To claim this discount, please email Assurity Education.

To book your chosen path at the discounted prices, take a look at our Course Schedule for dates and book each course in the learning path using the promo code ‘RESKILL’ to receive $250 off each of the two courses.

The offer is valid for courses scheduled before 31 December 2020. For more information and full terms and conditions, download our upskill/reskill flyer.