Assurity Education launches Foundations of DevOps Online

Explore Assurity 17 July 2020 Pam Forrest and Raf Gemmail

First launched in March 2018 as a face-to-face course, Assurity Education has now launched an online version of its ICAgile-certified Foundations of DevOps – optimised and redesigned as an engaging and informative, remote learning experience.  

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the study of the specific cultural and technical practices that high-performing organisations use to deliver high-quality software quickly. Instead of releasing software annually, putting a single release through separate teams dedicated to testing, security and operations, DevOps seeks to eliminate organisational silos through adopting patterns that allow software to be released and measured reliably and continuously. Foundations of DevOps covers the practices and patterns that high-performing teams adopt to accomplish this goal.

Why is Assurity Education running this course remotely?

When COVID-19 struck, businesses and people underwent rapid transformation to remote working. To align with this new way of working, Assurity Education has adapted a number of training courses for remote learning. The course remains the same, but many of the activities have been adapted for remote delivery. Assurity Education’s facilitators have put the course delivery through significant remote testing to ensure the experience is valuable, engaging, informative and fun.

What are the benefits of remote training?

  • No travelling is needed
  • No travel costs for businesses to send staff to attend
  • Friendly social interactions from your new virtual office
  • Gives a sense of one-to-one personal training
  • The option to ask and answer questions via chat if you are not comfortable engaging visually
  • Offers the opportunity to train people in multiple locations

So what makes Assurity the choice for your training? 

Assurity Education is practitioner led. Courses are facilitated by experts who have applied the techniques and patterns with customers all around the world and are experienced in delivering innovative material in a fun, informative and interactive way.

Who would benefit from attending this course?

Technical and non-technical professionals who can gain an understanding of what DevOps is so they can be involved in conversations and introduce/build DevOps into their workplace

  • Development teams
  • Operations teams
  • DevOps teams
  • Systems teams 
  • Production Support and Service Desk teams
  • Any organisations wanting to deliver higher-quality software faster 

What topics are included in the course?

  • What is DevOps?
  • Foundation of DevOps 
  • Creating DevOps culture 
  • DevOps as a culture of Continuous Improvement 
  • Business benefits of your DevOps model 
  • Using pipelines to improve faster
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Modern infrastructure using public cloud and Infrastructure as Code
  • Delivery patterns for applications at scale 
  • Configuration Management

What do I get for attending the course?

Attendees will be assessed on their participation and engagement with the course. It’s highly interactive and depends heavily on attendees sharing their unique experiences with other participants. For successful completion and participation, attendees will receive an ICAgile ICP-FDO certification. 

Attendees will also receive digital course materials to revise and review with their teams. 

Is there any pre-work I need to do?

A variety of pre-learning materials will be shared with attendees around a week prior to the course. These will include short readings, YouTube videos and even a few lengthier foundational conference talks. While reviewing the material is not absolutely necessary before the course, it is highly encouraged. 

What equipment do I need? 

  • The course will be delivered via Zoom which you will need to have installed on your own device
  • A laptop, desktop or tablet device. We will have multiple activities that will require a bit of screen space. Mobile devices such as iPhones will unfortunately be too small to for an optimal experience
  • Something for note taking
  • A modern web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge)

I don't have technical skills. Can I still attend? Will I understand the course?

The course is designed to be effective for people just starting their journey with DevOps, as well as seasoned experts. Previous attendees of the course have had a range of experience and skill levels and benefited from a valuable training experience.

Before running the course, attendees will be asked to complete a training needs analysis questionnaire to help facilitators understand attendees’ knowledge and ensure the material is best-positioned to be understood. 

Will there be any benefits to me in my career?

The course shares lots of tools, techniques, methods and experience of how people have achieved the delivery of high-quality software quickly at scale. These techniques are rapidly becoming the de facto way that software development and IT operations teams are working in the modern workplace. 

Knowledge of the topics covered is essential for success in the modern software development, delivery and operations spaces. If you are involved with software, either directly or tangentially, understanding the topics presented in the course will be tantamount to your success in the future. With that, the ICP-FDO certification will prove that you have trained on modern software delivery practices and are primed and ready to apply them in the workplace.

Attendee feedback

Why did you sign up for this course?

I heard people talking about DevOps and I wanted to learn more about the DevOps way of working.

What are your thoughts about the course content and presentation?

Good coverage. We were taken on a journey of different ways of working from Waterfall to DevOps. I liked the real-life examples, the interaction and discussions in the breakout rooms and the exercises. I came out with an understanding of what DevOps is and how I can implement the concept of continuous improvement in my current project.

What did you think of the facilitators?

I liked their enthusiasm. I felt engaged and the friendly atmosphere put me at ease. My questions were answered with real-life examples.

Want to be certified in ICAgile DevOps? Want your business to move into a DevOps culture? Assurity will take you on a journey to learning how. Book your place on Foundations of DevOps Online here. 

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