This course – developed and presented by Ellen Gottesdiener – is for teams and enterprises wrestling with bloated backlogs, ineffective or inconsistent planning and unpredictable sprint or value stream flow. You will learn how to improve product agility and team outcomes through precise and transparent development of “ready” backlog items.

Applied learning around defining and refining backlog items across the 7 Product Dimensions, prioritising user stories and preparing for value-based planning. By using the product’s vision to guide Structured Conversations, you will be able to optimise the value in the product backlog, exemplifying the core of Lean and Agile practices.


  • Course Startup: Project vs. Product
  • Requirements, Views and Plans
  • Backlog Refinement, Ready and Done
  • The 7 Product Dimension and the Structured Conversation
  • User Stories, Requirements Gaps
  • Product Vision, Product Partners, Planning Themes ...and more


  • Align value with the product vision
  • Use value as the foundation for backlog definition and refinement
  • Make transparent, value-based product decisions
  • Engineer strong collaboration among product partners – customer, business and technology stakeholders – throughout backlog definition and refinement
  • Engage the right people at the right time


Ellen Gottesdiener is a Product Coach and CEO of EBG Consulting focused on helping product management and development communities produce valuable outcomes through product agility. Ellen is known in the agile and product communities as an instigator and innovator for collaborative practices for agile product discovery and using skilled facilitation to enable healthy teamwork and strong organisations.