Testing Without Borders

Do you think that testing can be more than writing and executing test cases? That there is more to testing than just checking requirements? Kick your testing up a gear and discover how challenging and invigorating advanced testing can be. Testing Without Borders teaches a collaborative and investigative test approach that will reignite your passion and improve how you test.

Specialised courses developed by Assurity

This course can be run in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch as a private course. Please contact education@assurity.co.nz for further information.

Testing Without Borders focuses on how to make testing more valuable by teaching testers how to test better. This course introduces a variety of proven techniques for testers to complete their work faster and to a higher standard, using critical thinking and advanced test analysis techniques. Testing Without Borders covers the whole test process, from planning to execution and gives practical examples at each step. This course is based on internationally recognised techniques that our consultants use every day in their client work.

Learning outcomes

While mastering testing skills will require both time and practice, this workshop will allow you to:

  • Apply heuristic test techniques

  • Develop and critique visual coverage models

  • Recognise and explain the oracles used to identify bugs

  • Write specific and effective test charters to focus exploratory testing

  • Prepare descriptive test reports and an executive testing dashboard

  • Conduct feature tours to produce state transition diagrams

  • Use Hendrickson variables to identify variance classes

  • Gain knowledge of combinatorial test design

  • Identify cognitive bias

  • Advocate for exploratory testing in your test approach


All participants apply the concepts introduced through extensive practical activities that allow them to experience everything learned. Interactive testing exercises encourage group collaboration and get attendees working hands-on testing real software.

To support and enhance application of the concepts, we offer follow-on coaching, check ups and support. All our education staff are practising test professionals rather than just trainers.



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