Testing Jumpstart

Want to learn how to test? Maybe you're starting your career in testing or picking up some testing responsibility in your organisation. Whatever the case, this is the course to jump-start your journey into testing. Learn what the role of testing is, different styles and approaches, how to analyse a product and design powerful tests and how to apply oracles to identify important problems. Most of all, this course will give you the confidence and the passion to own your testing.

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This is a private event. Contact Catherine Saganic at education@assurity.co.nz for a consultation.

Testing Jumpstart is a crash course in testing designed to ensure that you don’t crash and burn when you start testing for real. An engaging and hands-on one-­day experience, this course doesn’t just talk about testing. You’ll actually be doing it.

This course equips the novice tester with a diverse range of practical skills so they can immediately and responsibly start delivering value. Starting with consideration of the fundamental role of testing, the course then introduces both scripted and exploratory styles of testing, enabling even the greenest tester to determine how best to apply their testing skills.

Followed by an in-depth exploration of a broad spectrum of test design techniques and a thorough grounding in the application of oracles to identify bugs, it covers the complete test process.

Learning objectives 

While mastering testing skills will require both time and practice, this workshop will allow you to:

  • Understand common views and opinions about the role of testing in an organisation
  • Analyse a product across a multitude of criteria using the Heuristic Test Strategy Model
  • Explain the difference between exploratory and scripted testing and the strengths and weaknesses of each
  • Gain familiarity with writing and executing traditional­ style test cases
  • Experience how exploratory testing can be structured and performed
  • Create a range of visual testing models such as state transition diagrams and product coverage outlines
  • Apply a broad range of test design techniques, including heuristics and Hendrickson variables to develop diverse and powerful test
  • Identify and account for cognitive biases in the way they perform their testing
  • Consciously recognise, apply and justify the oracles they use to identify bugs


Students must bring a laptop/tablet to the course. Some laptops maybe available on request. Please contact catherine.saganic@assurity.co.nz to check availability prior to course date.


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