Rapid Software Testing Explored

This unique course, facilitated by software testing specialist and author Michael Bolton, introduces Rapid Software Testing, a context-driven methodology for testing any product that includes or involves software.


Through hands-on activities and interactive discussion, we challenge assumptions and expose common misconceptions about software testing. We show you powerful new ways to think, to apply heuristic models and to test responsibly and systematically so that you focus on business risk and do the right kinds of deep testing that your project needs.

RST Explored is the latest version of the original three-day course formerly called 'Rapid Software Testing'.

Attendees will need to bring their own device/laptop.

Learning outcomes

  • New to testing? We'll introduce you to professional testing and provide exercises that help you develop you natural testing talents
  • An experienced tester? We'll help you put words to the tacit skills you have gained over time and provide exercises that help you refine them
  • A technical tester? You'll learn how your technical knowledge and ability to write code can supercharge the testing process
  • A developer who does some testing? Your deep knowledge of product internals is both a crucial resource and a potential liability. You’ll learn how to improve the intrinsic testability of the product and how to manage your biases
  • Manage people who test? You have the power to steer them and create an environment to help them do their most effective work. You will learn what good testing looks like, how to judge the progress of testing and how to set high, yet reasonable expectations for the testing process
  • A domain expert who does some testing? We'll help you apply your deep knowledge of how the product is used and who uses it. You’ll learn how to find better bugs during acceptance testing – and help others do it too
  • Work with people who test? You'll gain an appreciation for the challenges of testing, discover how you can support the testing process and learn what good testing can do for you


  • What Rapid Software Testing is and how it relates to software development
  • How mental models and critical thinking form the basis of all testing
  • Dealing with overwhelming complexity or confusion
  • Recognising problems despite ambiguous or missing specifications
  • Surveying a product to prepare for deep testing
  • Designing tests: heuristics, risks, procedures, coverage, oracles
  • Using tools to help magnify and manage testing
  • Deciding when you’ve tested enough
  • Analysing test results and report evidence in a compelling way
  • Applying the Heuristic Test Strategy Model and many other specific heuristics for testing

About Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton is a widely-known software testing specialist – a teacher, author, consultant and thought leader. He started collaborating with James Bach in 2003, becoming co-author of the Rapid Software Testing class and methodology in 2006. Since then, he's travelled the world training testers to perform "the fastest, least expensive testing that completely fulfils the mission of testing" and consulting to development groups, managers and executives who want to improve the quality of the testing work and its value to the organisation.

Read more about Michael and his approach in this recent interview with SoftwareTestingHelp.

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