Production Support for Agile Teams

This one-day course is geared towards a broad audience of professionals, both technical and non-technical, who are eager to continue to deliver software enhancements in a way that balances the demands for new features with a user’s expectations of stability. Course attendees will be introduced to Site Reliability Engineering ideas which extend many DevOps concepts and applies them to the problem of production system management.

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This is a private event. Contact Catherine Saganic at for a consultation.

This course covers...

This course covers a range of approaches that will help teams efficiently and effectively support their systems after they are released into live operation. While an initial production release is rightly celebrated as a proud milestone, it also represents a point at which previous working models often break down. From this point, production outages, customer-reported bugs and system integration changes all compete for time with the feature backlog. How do we balance these demands without losing sight of what our customers really value? This course will prepare your teams for effective crisis response, provide them with a variety of on-call support structures to select from and help you to identify what automation investments will help you stay ahead of the curve.

Relevant roles include developers, testers, operations leads and team members, managers, Agile coaches or anyone aspiring to these roles.

The course also serves as a useful alignment exercise for teams that are already providing production support for systems developed by other groups.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, attendees will gain insight into:
• The background, history and principles of SRE
• Service Level Objectives
• Establishing an ethical, on-call approach
• Incident Management
• Metrics and alerting requirements
• Backlog management
• Immutable infrastructure
• Eliminating Manual Toil


Even if you’ve never had to support a live application before, you will come away with a variety of approaches that will help you perform these functions in a sustainable way that maximises team effectiveness. You will learn how to balance your customer’s immediate needs with your long-term development roadmap. We will run a ‘wheel of misfortune’ exercise to illustrate how the incident management process can be defined, irrespective of the specifics of any issue encountered. The ‘learning by doing’ style of instruction demands your open mind and active participation. 

The course is facilitated by Assurity’s DevOps team – skilled practitioners who have worked in high-performing teams both domestically and internationally. For private delivery, we conduct a training needs analysis that helps us to customise the course content to best help organisations address the challenges they are currently facing.


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