Managing Digital Partners at Scale

Rogan Clarke, Director of Digital Change at Inland Revenue, will explain how IR developed a new industrialised process to manage partners in a rapidly-growing ecosystem. You’ll discover how the process works and how it dramatically reduces costs and improves the customer experience.

IR’s transformation of the tax system involves delivering high-impact change within a tight timescale and in lock-step with a growing number of digital partners.

Faced with this challenge, IR developed a new industrialised process that delivers significant benefits over traditional approaches to digital partnership. 

A transformational solution

The new process was designed to deliver interface development at scale, maintain confidence in quality, reduce time to market and more…

Time and money

  • Significant reduction in time to market
  • Significant reduction in costs

Clarity and confidence

  • Enhances quality of integration
  • Visibility of performance
  • Visibility of, and insights, into CX


  • Encourages adoption of better practices 
  • Encourages development of better processes


  • Teams can work faster
  • Greater engagement between teams
  • Encourages continuous product improvement

Join us to hear Rogan Clarke, Director of Digital Change, explain how this new industrialised process is helping IR transform how it engages with and manages digital partners at scale. Take a look at this short video for an insight into the forthcoming Session...

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