Introduction to Facilitation

This module will focus on the Facilitation Framework, running through each phase from the pre-meeting planning and design activities through to after the meeting close-out activities. The module will aim to provide new techniques to the users and explaining the key principle in running a successful workshop/meeting.

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This course is designed for those looking to improve their facilitation skills in order to:

  • Ensure your meetings are always productive, delivering against a common goal
  • Be prepared, deliver what your meeting sponsor needs
  • Understand and manage dysfunction within your meetings
  • Learn tools/techniques to gather and refine information in the workshop
  • Provide an environment that enables your stakeholders to feel comfortable in providing their input and expertise to a wider group

Come as a team and build the team's capability in running and participating in productive, action-oriented, successful workshops, or...

Come as an individual and you will go away with techniques you can immediately apply to your environment, ensuring that every workshop or meeting you run has a purpose, has structure and is focused on achieving the desired outcomes.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this course, attendees will:

  • Understand the key principles to running a successful workshop or meeting
  • Understand how to engage with your meeting/workshop sponsor to ensure purpose and key outcomes are understood
  • Have learnt some tools and techniques to elicit and refine information within the workshop
  • Understand the impact that different personality types and dysfunctional behaviours may have on a workshop


  • What is facilitation?
  • Introduction of the Facilitation Framework
  • Personality types and dysfunctional behaviour - what to look for
  • Tools and techniques to utilise when facilitating


A desire to improve your facilitation skills and a drive to run workshops and/or meetings that deliver value, make decisions.

Assurity modular learning approach

After providing New Zealand with industry-leading education courses over the past decade, Assurity is now also providing half-day modules in addition to day courses and ICAgile certifications allowing you to customise your learning agenda.

We suggest that you only register for the modules you want to develop in and not the modules you are comfortable with. This allows you to focus on your development areas and needs with people of similar interests, allowing you to share stories and work collaboratively.

Assurity’s Business Analysis Education offering has been broken up into multiple half-day modules, ranging from soft skills to technical Business Analysis skills and even introducing new industry practices for you to pick and choose from, effectively building your own customised course.

Course level

Entry level - to understand the foundations of good facilitation.




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