Fundamentals of Agile

Designed for those looking for an introduction to Agile, this accredited ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP) course delves into the fundamental underlying values, principles and practices used on Agile projects, explaining how they work and why. It lays a solid foundation for applying Agile to any aspect of work, while providing practical outcomes that can be immediately put to use.

ICAgile Certified

This course can be run in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch as a public or private course.

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This is not simple classroom theory. Designed and developed by New Zealand’s leading practising experts, this course demonstrates how Agile is a mindset based on values and principles, not a methodology or framework. Attendees will learn common terms, potential pitfalls and benefits with other Agile practitioners. This course will cover the basic practices of Kanban and Scrum, but also focus on why the practices work and why different thinking is required to succeed. Attendees will learn collaborative approaches to work that create shared understanding, high-quality and innovative product design.

You will learn what it feels like to work in an Agile way – experiencing many of the challenges you’re likely to face through hands-on exercises while being coached by a practising field expert. This ‘learning by doing’ style of instruction demands your open mind and active participation.

Other topics covered include value-driven development, customer involvement, learning  from feedback, adaptive planning and continuous improvement. Because of the principles covered, even those with Agile experience can benefit from the course.

This course is a foundation course of the ICAgile (International Consortium for Agile) curriculum, providing a solid foundation upon which further specialisation can be developed – see the ICAgile website for more information or call us on 09 354 4901 to discuss.

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Learning outcomes

At the end of this course, students will understand:

  • History of Agile and Lean
  • The Agile mindset, values and principles
  • Value-driven development
  • How to use Agile to maximise value creation, provide transparency, improve customer and employee satisfaction
  • The Kanban method and Scrum framework
  • Adaptive planning and requirements management
  • Agile metrics and how to track work
  • Continuous Delivery, Continuous Validation and Continuous Integration
  • How Agile focuses on quality first

On successfully completing this course, participants will receive an ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP) certification.

Participants can also claim 16 PDUs (Professional Development Units) with the Project Management Institute (PMI) and contribute these towards the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) Certification.


"We absolutely loved the Fundamentals of Agile course and have hit the ground running with applying the Agile tools and mindset. We are currently delivering a multi-phase project where the technology component of the solution is actually very minor and the bulk of the solution is delivering customer-centred governance, training and support with a huge amount of change management around business process changes. We’ve found great success in using Agile tools and processes, such as affinity estimating and story points – iterative design by releasing the right slice of MVP each phase and running the delivery in a Kanban/Scrum hybrid has given us the best results so far. We are thrilled with what we’re able to deliver and getting a usable solution out earlier, then improving on that in each phase. Using Agile in the planning stages was invaluable to the project team. We had over 360 user stories in one big bucket when we started out and it was completely overwhelming. Had we not learned such efficient and valuable ways of working out our priorities and keeping sprint backlogs and WIP limits, I don’t know how long it would have taken us to actually get going. The course has completely changed how I work and my mindset. I recommend it to everyone." Holly Cholmondeley, ECan

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Fundamentals of Agile


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