Fundamentals of Agile

Designed for those looking for an introduction to Agile, this course delves into the fundamental underlying values, principles and practices used on Agile projects, explaining how they work and why. It lays a solid foundation for applying Agile to any aspect of work, while providing practical outcomes that can be immediately put to use.

ICAgile Certified

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Bruce was an excellent instructor. He was well prepared and explained things well by bringing in his real-life experiences. I would highly recommend to my colleagues

This is the most enjoyable course I have ever attended. The course was extremely well facilitated, interactive and engaging. The course addressed all the questions I had around Agile and its concepts. It validated my preferences on how I have been working with teams that are practical, pragmatic, collaborative and fit for purpose approaches to delivery which creates continuous improvement and change. It really has incentivised me to keep practising the mindset and principles that I continue to adapt and adjust for new environments and situations I go into. I’m really keen to take it to the next level and keep learning


This is not simple classroom theory. Designed and developed by New Zealand’s leading practising experts, this course demonstrates how Agile is a mindset based on values and principles, not a methodology or framework. Attendees will learn common terms, potential pitfalls and benefits with other Agile practitioners.

This course covers...

...the basic practices of Kanban and Scrum, but also focus on why the practices work and why different thinking is required to succeed. Attendees will learn collaborative approaches to work that create shared understanding, high-quality and innovative product design.

ICAgile certification

This accredited ICAgile Certified Professional course can be run in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch as a public or private course. Please contact us for more information.

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