Foundations of DevOps

This two-day course delves into the fundamental underlying values, principles and practices of DevOps. It explains how and why DevOps practices work and how DevOps extends Agile and Lean disciplines. This course will challenge your team to question their current approaches to delivering software and give them clear guidance on how to continuously improve their delivery of value to the end user.

ICAgile Certified


"The course material was delivered fantastically in a way that worked for everyone from daily DevOps users to those who didn't know what it was"

"An exceptional course in understanding more than just the technical aspects of how DevOps is applied. The 'why' was valuable but also it enabled me to see how cultural change is needed when looking at traditional infrastructure operational teams"


Whatever your experience of DevOps, you will benefit from this course. It’s geared towards a broad audience of technical and non-technical professionals who are eager to deliver and operate software and infrastructure in a more automated and streamlined manner. The course also serves as a useful alignment exercise for teams already on their DevOps journey.

You will gain an excellent foundation in DevOps concepts and the ingredients for a successful transition to delivering value continuously.

This course includes...

  • The background, history and principles of DevOps
  • Infrastructure as Code and Configuration Management
  • Site Reliability Engineering
  • Virtualization, Containers, Public and Private Cloud, Platforms, Scaling and Monitoring
  • Developing and Testing in a DevOps environment
  • Continuous Integration, Testing and Delivery
  • Feedback loops at multiple levels
  • Continuous Improvement and Organisational Learning

…and more. Download the full Course Description below for more details

ICAgile Certification

Facilitated by Assurity’s DevOps team, this ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP) course is the first certification on the DevOps track. Successful students will be awarded an ICAgile Professional – Foundations of DevOps certification.

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