Effective Communication

Effective communication will help you understand how to better communicate with your colleagues and project stakeholders so you can be more effective with your message and improve your chances of getting what you need out of them.

Specialised courses developed by Assurity


This course is designed for those looking to improve their communication effectiveness to:
  • Improve individual and team communication
  • Be more effective in getting your message across
  • Understand where others are coming from when they communicate to you
  • Reduce opportunity for miscommunication which results in either lost delivery or conflict
Not only focusing on verbal communication, the module will also touch on how to use visual communication techniques to communicate and manage expectations with others.
Come as a team and leave being able to better communicate with each other, understanding each other’s communication styles, or...
Come as an individual and you will go away with techniques you can immediately apply to your environment.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this course, attendees will: 

  • Improve individual and team communication
  • Understand different communication styles
  • Understand different communication mediums and when to apply the medium for optimal effectiveness
  • Understand your communication preference
  • Understand the impact of your communication style, with its strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn communication strategies for different audiences


  • Communication framework
  • Key communication skills
  • Active listening
  • Non-verbal cues
  • Communication profiles
  • Communication mediums
  • Conflict and learning styles
  • Communication strategies
  • Visual communication techniques
  • Barriers for effective communication


A desire to improve the way you communicate with others.

Assurity modular learning approach

After providing New Zealand with industry-leading education courses over the past decade, Assurity is now also providing half-day modules in addition to day courses and ICAgile certifications allowing you to customise your learning agenda.

We suggest that you only register for the modules you want to develop in and not the modules you are comfortable with. This allows you to focus on your development areas and needs with people of similar interests, allowing you to share stories and work collaboratively.

Assurity’s Business Analysis Education offering has been broken up into multiple half-day modules, ranging from soft skills to technical Business Analysis skills and even introducing new industry practices for you to pick and choose from, effectively building your own customised course.


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