Business Agility Foundations

This two-day course is for leaders from all functional areas who need to take the first steps towards creating an Agile organisation. Leadership, business, technology, products, portfolio, finance, HR, and sales and marketing are all functions that will be affected and need to evolve to support business agility. This course is the first step on that journey.

ICAgile Certified

This course can be run in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch as a public or private course.

The cost for this course is $1800 plus GST. You may also be eligible for group discounts should you like to run a private course.

Please contact for further information.

This course focuses on building an awareness of the need for business agility, the ability to develop a compelling vision, focus and clarity of purpose, the knowledge of new ways of thinking and new and differentiating behaviours, what new frameworks, tools and techniques might be of use and how to establish business agility as the new normal.


At the end of this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Articulate the drivers for business agility in the economy in general and their business environment specifically. They will be able to demonstrate techniques for team collaboration and customer focus as part of the necessary mindset shift
  • Develop a compelling vision for success, analyse the impacts of change on the wide community of stakeholders and appraise which approach and tools to use given different contexts
  • Outline key new ways of thinking for both individuals and organisations and map them to their potential impacts on value generation
  • Formulate and demonstrate differentiating behaviours using either hypothetical or real-world situations from their own experience
  • Appraise and utilise a variety of frameworks, tools and techniques on either hypothetical or real-world challenges covered by these learning outcomes
  • Illustrate their understanding of business agility and construct their own personal action plan for applying the ideas from the class in their workplaces


  • Awareness: The Need for Business Agility
  • Compelling Vision, Focus and Clarity of Purpose
  • New Ways of Thinking
  • New and Differentiating Behaviours
  • Frameworks, Tools and Techniques
  • Business Agility as the New Normal



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