Join us for our online mini-conference – Bringing the Future Forward – with ICAgile’s Shane Hastie as keynote speaker, Jo Green, Katherine Kirk, Manuel Pais, Aaron Hodder, Angela Roper and Merridy Marshall. With the challenge of COVID-19, we all need to look at our future and negotiate our recovery so we become stronger than ever. With Assurity’s vision of ‘Bring the future forward’, we’ve organised this conference to share how we can excel in this new future. Download the PDF for full details.


  • The Increased Importance of Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace During Uncertain Times
  • When There’s No Control, What Can You Do To Thrive?
  • Remote-first Team Interactions for Business and Technology Teams
  • Keynote: Emergent Futures
  • From ‘Back to Before’ to ‘Better Than Before’: Embracing Diversity to Make a New Normal
  • COVID: The CX Reset Button
  • It’s Time to Be Brave


  • Gain the tools to help your teams manage the transition back to the workplace
  • Learn how to promote and enable team-based approaches in a ‘remote-first’ world
  • How to leverage organisational practices and approaches to co-create a different future
  • How to embrace diversity to make a new normal
  • How to practise being brave and help others do the same


With COVID-19 impacting all of us as individuals, NZ businesses and the world around us, it’s now more important than ever to look at our future. How will we get up as a nation and recover from this hit when coronavirus has impacted our ways of working and our ways of thinking? These sessions will help you negotiate these challenges.