Agile Project Manager Quickstart

For Project Managers who need to understand an Agile environment and how their role fits into it – Fundamentals of Agile + Agile Project Management (RRP $3000.00) Summer School Special - $2,250.00

Agile Summer School

This quickstart combines our highly-regarded two-day Fundamentals of Agile course with our two-day Agile Project Management course. Successful attendees will receive ICAgile-certified Professional (ICP) and ICAgile-certified Agile Project Management (ICP-APM) certifications.

Agile Project Manager Quickstart Summer School dates


  • 20-21 January 2020: Fundamentals of Agile
  • 28-29 January 2020: Agile Project Management


  • 13-14 January 2020: Fundamentals of Agile
  • 30-31 January 2020: Agile Project Management


  • 13-14 January 2020: Fundamentals of Agile
  • 21-22 January 2020: Agile Project Management
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