Agile and DevOps for Leadership

This specialised, one-day, high-level overview gives executives, project managers and sales professionals a brief overview of Agile delivery methodologies enabled and augmented with DevOps. The course begins with a brief overview of the Agile mindset and helps attendees understand the high-level business case for adopting Agile practices.

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This course covers...

 ...DevOps tools and techniques that, when paired with Agile delivery, greatly optimise the quality and velocity of teams. 

Learning outcomes

Attendees will walk away able to articulate the business case for Agile and DevOps, as well as what practices, tools and technologies are involved. Attendees will understand how each concept affects their business, their teams and their customers.


Agile and DevOps for Leadership consists of the following modules:

The Agile Mindset
In this module, attendees will be introduced to the Agile mindset and understand the importance of a growth-oriented mindset. Attendees will understand the case for agility in the modern business landscape and will be presented with the Agile way of thinking about the people and teams that comprise their business, as well as the work they do. 

Agile Practices 
Attendees will briefly go over the practices that comprise the Agile way of working, specifically Scrum. Attendees will learn about the work visualisation and management features of the Scrum framework, as well as the common events that teams partake in to ensure their ability to deliver in an Agile fashion.

What is DevOps?
Attendees will learn a brief history of the term 'DevOps' and how it is based on Agile and Lean foundations. We will discuss some of the classic DevOps problem statements and review common understanding of what the community represents. We will outline the business case for DevOps and how leaders can best position DevOps in their organisations.

Infrastructure as a Software Engineering Problem
In the last 10 years, the operation and maintenance of computer infrastructure has largely transformed into a software engineering problem. All levels of infrastructure can now be defined in a codified format that infrastructure platforms can understand and provide. In this module, we will briefly discuss how the Infrastructure as Code paradigm has changed the landscape of maintaining and operating infrastructure. We will investigate what kind of benefits and outcomes can be realised by this technology shift and we will help leaders identify opportunities for Infrastructure as Code projects to best ensure the transformation and adoption across their business.

Delivering Value Continuously
In this module, we will investigate the various technologies that enable delivering value continuously to customers. We will take a brief survey of continuous integration, continuous delivery and deployment as ways to maximise the flow of value to customers. We will investigate the new paradigm of automated testing that enables teams to move at ever increasing speeds with decreased risk. We will then apply these technologies to the Infrastructure as Code paradigm to show how organisations can adopt Agile practices paired with DevOps technologies to continuously deliver value as infrastructure professionals. 

Operating DevOps-enabled Teams
In this final module, we will investigate what ideal team structures look like when enabled with DevOps technologies. We will help attendees form strategies for helping their team begin their DevOps transformation. We will investigate operational practices that DevOps-enabled teams adopt to ensure that both the DevOps-related tooling and new customer-facing features can be developed simultaneously using Site Reliability Engineering practices. We will investigate how high-performing teams invest in and adopt self-service platforms that can greatly decrease the operational overhead and maximise the value throughput of organisations that adopt them.

Agile Leadership 
This module will focus on how leadership can best support Agile teams and Agile transformations. We will investigate methods for encouraging cultural change within the business. We will investigate ways leaders can enable organisational agility and benefit their customers through rapid, responsive delivery of value.


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