Practise what you teach

You wouldn’t learn to skydive with someone who rarely skydives, would you? Neither would we. Its the same with specialist education too.

Which is why our courses are developed and taught only by people who are in practice at Assurity. Every single day of the week…except when they’re in the classroom teaching you!

So when it comes to deploying what you’ve learnt. It’s going to work instantly. Like the parachute.

We’ve got a practical range of public and private courses that give you the skills you need to deliver better in a fast-changing technology environment.
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Both Kay and Bartwin were great facilitators and appreciated the way in which they delivered the course more especially online - Great job thank you.
Rick Mardon
Senior Support Specialist - IT
I learned a lot in this course. I wanted to get a better understanding of the Agile Practices we use in my current role and to apply it to the work I do. I believe this course achieved that.
Uasi Ahokovi
People Lead, Xero
Jacob did a great job of making the course interesting, fun, and engaging. He clearly has a wealth of knowledge and I really appreciate him sharing it with us. Our course moved online, which was a better experience than I'd expected.
Laurence Wood
Squad Lead, Arlo
Jacob and John delivered a great course, with on-point content, involving engaging exercises to keep a virtual session on its toes. Thank you!
Louise Hasselholdt

Business Analyst, Southern Cross Pet Insurance
Great info, very informative and well-presented courses. Definitely learnt a lot and challenged my views on ways of thinking and working too which is awesome.
Technology sector
Apr '21
Kay did an awesome job presenting the Agile Fundamentals course. The team walked away with a few easy wins to trial within our workflow. Would happily recommend Assurity as a training provider.
Technology sector
Apr '21
I've confirmed my understanding that there is no one size fits all way to product ownership but that there are some good practices to refer to in most cases. Wealth of mnemonics and mental models too.
Technology sector
Learned a lot of tool and techniques, their use in real life. Flow of the training, step-by-step guidance and explanations by Bruce were awesome.
Energy sector
Feb '21
The course content was on point, Jacob (facilitator) was great. Excellent facilities and catering all made for a great couple of days.
Matthew Earles

Our approach – Outcome-based education

Our value proposition is clear. We don’t just deliver training. We deliver real-world, hands-on, practical education from expert consultants who work in the industry for a living. No matter whether you are an individual or a business, what your skill level is or what kind of education engagement you

choose with us, you will get real-world skills development from real practitioners to use immdediately on your projects. Delivering better software outcomes is our mission and we base our entire programme around achieving this.