Practise what you teach

You wouldn't learn to skydive with someone who rarely skydives, would you? Neither would we. It's the same with specialist education too.

Which is why our courses are developed and taught only by people who are in practice at Assurity. Every single day of the week… except when they're in the classroom teaching you! So when it comes to deploying what you've learnt, it’s going to work instantly. Like the parachute.

We’ve got a practical range of public and private courses that give you the skills you need to deliver better in a fast-changing technology environment. Take a look at our courses…


Supercharge your Agile skills

Supercharge your Agile skills with our double-header, Summer School course packages


For new POs who need to understand an Agile environment and their role in it

Fundamentals of Agile 
PLUS Product Ownership & Value Management

Agile Summer School Price


(normally $3,000)

Agile coaching bootcamp

For Agile coaches to refine their art and progress on the path to an ICAgile-accredited coaching expert

The Agile Facilitator PLUS Agile Coaching course

Agile Summer School Price


(normally $4,300)

Our courses

All public courses can also be run privately in an organisation. Contact Catherine Saganic for more information.

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Delivering real outcomes – what people are saying


Our approach – Outcome-based education

Our value proposition is clear. We don’t just deliver training. We deliver real-world, hands-on, practical education from expert consultants who work in software quality for a living. No matter whether you are an individual or a business, what your skill level is or what kind of

education engagement you choose with us, you will get real-world skills development from real practitioners to use immediately on your projects. Delivering better software outcomes is our mission and we base our entire programme around achieving this.

Three ways to engage Assurity Education

We offer three education engagement models, each of which use Assurity’s practising experts to facilitate and deliver learning

Public Education Courses – Small groups. Great value

Our public courses in Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Business Analysis and Testing are available at various skill levels – from Give Me the Basics to Get Us Humming – in a shared attendance setting in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, facilitated by practitioners. Prices on a per person basis, with discounts for group bookings of six or more. We also offer an early-bird discount of 20% for bookings made more than one month in advance.

Benefits of our Public Education Courses include...

  • A flexible way of being able to educate smaller groups
  • Places can be booked at short notice
  • Secure online payment by debit and credit card

In-house Training – Group education inside your organisation

For a fast and effective way of embedding new capability into your teams, we can customise our courses to your organisation’s unique situation and context.

Experience has shown that educating people involved in the same work at the same time delivers more consistent, better quality, long-term outcomes. It also leverages your investment in training as we can focus on company-specific issues throughout.

Benefits of our In-house Training include...

  • Material tailored to your needs, plus the opportunity to discuss issues specific to your organisation during course exercises
  • Custom pricing
  • Cost-effective for a larger number of participants

Email us for more info

Mentored Learning – An innovation that delivers outstanding outcomes

Traditional training often fails to yield sustained results over the long term. That’s because a large amount of learning is forgotten within two weeks if the knowledge is not immediately applied and turned into skills. Some studies have shown that without quality coaching, 87 cents out of every dollar spent on training is wasted.

Assurity Education has delivered breakthrough successes with our structured Mentored Learning Programme (MLP) that applies learning immediately. MLP is made up of two key components:

  • Baseline, group-based education activates key knowledge areas and establishes a consistent understanding and shared phraseology
  • Immediate, hands-on coaching then turns this theoretical knowledge into practical skills

By working with you through the programme, we can introduce quality practices that start with a high level of support and then level off over time as the gains in performance and productivity are realised. The net benefits of this approach are increased productivity, reduced time-to-market and increased ROI.

We offer a range of customised MLP delivery plans for all our courses topics. Our approach is:

  1. Understanding your needs to establish a real-life business scenario to work on throughout the MLP programme
  2. Baseline education to establish shared knowledge across the team involved
  3. Leading by example, transferring knowledge – one of our experienced, expert consultants leads the first period of work
  4. Supporting via coaching. We slowly step back as your people progress. Once you are running on your own, we agree on any follow-up needs you may have

The outcomes of our Mentored Learning Programme have been outstanding. We measured the performance of our Scrum 2-2-2 MLP (an initiative we developed and executed in 2012) across a number of enterprises. The worst outcome has been a 100% lift in velocity or throughput. The best outcomes have reached 800%.

Email us for an introduction to MLP and case studies of enlightened businesses that have experienced the power of the programme.

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